Hiliya Activities

As Hiliya is set in an organic farm, guest can enjoy a morning walk in the farm, can participate in farming activities. As we practice mixed farming and intercropping, Hiliya is busy in every season with one or other activities. Rubber tapping, coffee plucking, pruning, manuring, weed clearing are all there to give our guest a taste of rural life.

Guest can enjoy the scenic beauty of tropical forest across the river from the bungalow or enjoy trekking in the forest. Sit and relax in the river shore and enjoy fishing or listening to the bird’s songs or the quarrels of our little ancestors. Even you have bellyful unhappiness you can forget them completely.

In the evenings can spend time by playing badminton in the courtyard or other indoor games or watching TV. We greatly welcome our guest to participate in cooking and have pleasure to share our flavors and traditions.


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