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Hiliya Cultural Activities

Wayanad has the largest population of aborigine people in Kerala. The native Adivasis mainly consist of various sects like Paniyas, Kurumas, Adiyars, Kurichyas, Ooralis, Kattunaikkans etc… The Adivasis also have a rich legacy of arts and crafts. This includes music, dances, ornamentation and handicraft that draw inspiration from natural themes, motifs and materials.

Hiliya  provide facilities to interact with them, to know their culture and visit one of their villages, taste their food and drinks, watch their art forms, rituals and festivals. A visit to one of these tribal villages can be a truly rewarding experience. It will help you understand how much respect these simple people have for Nature, how they have lived for centuries in perfect harmony with it, and how much they endeavor to preserve it. There is a lot that modern man can learn from these simple tribal folks.


Believed by many historians and scholars as one of the oldest and most scientific and comprehensive system of martial training existing in the world today, Kalaripayattu the ancient martial art of Kerala truly deserves the title of the forerunner of all martial arts.

With the help of the available historical evidences, the present practising traditions origin can be traced back to the 12th century A.D. The word Kalaripayattu literally means Combat training inside the gymnasium. Kalaripayattu declined after the 17th century but in recent times it has staged a revival, thanks to the activities of various kalari sanghams.


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